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The Moorooduc Polocrosse Club is a family-friendly group of polocrosse enthusiasts located at Polocrosse Park right in the centre of Moorooduc on the Mornington Peninsula. A member of Polocrosse Victoria the club boasts a large player and supporter base. Our members are not all players, and each and every one of us has different reasons for being involved. Polocrosse is a great family sport, with all ages and walks of life involved. We have players as young as 7yrs and up in to the Veterans at 75yrs. There are Farmers, Secretaries, Engineers, Mums, Technical Officers, Farriers, School Children, Horseman and Businessmen. Whatever. .... We all love the sport!!

Every year we continue to have the fun and laughs which our original club founders had years ago.
More about our Club, and the game of Polocrosse, can be found on different pages in this website,
and if you are interested in any more information, please contact our Secretary who's contact details are noted in the contact us section of this web site.

Polocrosse is an exciting team sport similar to lacrosse on horseback. Players use racquets to catch, carry and throw the ball and score by shooting the ball through the opposing team’s goal. Polocrosse can be played by people of all ages and skill levels and most horses can learn to play.

The Moorooduc Club always welcomes new members - no experience is necessary. Lessons and loaner equipment are available. If you are interested in learning more or becoming a member please contact us or visit one of our upcoming events.


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